The Component System (GDD#1.2)

Welcome to part 2 of “Game Development Design: The Component System”. Initially a second part wasn’t planned, but as I got a lot of feedback on part 1 asking about how self-attaching component systems work in detail, I decided to write a more detailed article about that. Let’s quickly recall what a self-attaching component system… Read More »

The Component System (GDD#1.1)

Game development is a fascinating and fun thing a lot of people enjoy. Some are even making a living out of it, others do it as a hobby. For whatever reasons you are programming games, I’d like to congratulate you for choosing one of the hardest and most difficult areas of programming. Programming games involves… Read More »


1-2 years ago I read the book The Clean Coder by Robert C. Martin which highly influenced my way of programming, for example by adapting a lot of techniques from the agile development workflow (test-driven development, scrum etc.) Mr. Martin also mentions a technique called tomatos, which is about time management. Today I researched on time management again to… Read More »