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Optimizing & engineering (GDD#5)

Welcome to another episode of Game Development Design. This time I’m going to talk about the world of optimizing and engineering code: When and how much should I optimize? What level of generality is reasonable? What are the dangers of code improvements? How can I prevent common mistakes and bad habits?

Book recommendation: SFML Game Development

I really wonder why I haven’t done this before, but while I was discussing about Packt Publishing with someone on IRC, I remembered that I’ve always wanted to mention a book in my blog which I think is worth reading! Let me introduce “SFML Game Development“: The book, written by a couple of SFML team… Read More »

Errors (GDD#4)

This article is about a topic that is one of the pillars of writing good code: Error reporting. It is what a programmer does when he or she thinks that there’s something wrong which should not go wrong. And because professional programmers want to know when something goes wrong, it’s incredible important to do error… Read More »