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Stefan »Tank« Schindler is a C++ programmer with a passion. He's often driven by pragmatic principles and especially loves game development, C++, Python, Arch Linux and Vim.

Errors (GDD#4)

This article is about a topic that is one of the pillars of writing good code: Error reporting. It is what a programmer does when he or she thinks that there’s something wrong which should not go wrong. And because professional programmers want to know when something goes wrong, it’s incredible important to do error… Read More »

Message Bus (GDD#3)

There’s a common problem in software design that doesn’t only exist in game development called code dependencies. In a project, small or big, every developer comes to the point where several modules depend on each other: The GUI renderer depends on the health points and inventory, the inventory depends on the object pool and player… Read More »

Good Habits, Techniques and Workflows (GDD#2)

Welcome to another article in the Game Development Design series. This article covers good habits, techniques and workflows which are important for a general programming behavior and how to approach developing games (or even applications in general) in a way that will improve your progress. We will talk about some well established techniques in the… Read More »